Shattered Grid: Who Is The New Power Ranger From The Future?

Shattered Grid is shaping up to be an epic Power Rangers event, and will also introduce a new Ranger to the universe. So, who could that possibly be?

Well, we've got a few theories, and that is mostly drawn from two pieces of information. The first is the new cover for Go Go Power Rangers #9, which shows a silhouette of the new Ranger. The second is from our interview with writers Ryan Parrott and Kyle Higgins. Given those two details, we think the new Ranger comes from either Mystic Force or Dino Thunder.

Now, if we have to be specific about who it will be based on, we would go with Udonna (Mystic Force) or Kira Ford (Yellow Ranger/Dino Thunder), and here are the reasons why.

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

First, as you can see on the cover, the new Ranger seems to have a female build, so that narrows it down somewhat. Second, the character has a cape, and capes have really only shown up in Mystic Force and special characters in the past. Third, the Ranger has a distinct design on her left arm, which bears a resemblance to the costume designs used on Dino Thunder. Last but not least, the helmet is three-pronged.

Alright, so after Matlocking all that (yep, totally just made up a new word), we go to Parrott's and Higgins comments on working this new Ranger into the story.

"They are someone that people have been asking about," Higgins teased. "Yes, yes," Ryan confirmed.

"The idea was to try and find a character that could come in and could bring out all those emotional and personal storylines that I've been trying to play with in the series, in a way that felt organic, that would actually propel it forward," Parrott said.

"That person re-contextualizes a lot of those emotional dynamics that Ryan has been building in Go Go," Higgins added.

So, with those thoughts in mind, here's why we picked Udonna and Kira as possible foundations for the new Ranger.

From the Udonna side, while she doesn't have a cape, the helmet design fits, and she very well could have taken a cape from one of the other fallen Rangers, especially since it is tattered in the image. Udonna is also a very popular character, and being that she served a more motherly role to the other Rangers during her season, she could very well bring that to Go Go Power Rangers.

Not bad right? Okay, so here's the pitch for Kira.

Kira also has a similar helmet design, though it isn't as spot on as Udonna's. While she doesn't sport a cape during her season, she does have a similar design on her arms thanks to the Dino Thunder pattern used on the costumes.

From a story perspective, the Rangers in Go Go haven't met Tommy yet, but Kira has, working alongside him in Dino Thunder. Depending on how Drakkon's war has affected future timelines and the morphing grid, she could go back into the past to help the Rangers affect something there that will help stop his future rampage. She could also bring an emotional and personal aspect to the conflict for those Rangers that they lack since they have no affiliation with Tommy yet.

Alright, so those are the best guesses, and while we could be completely off, these two scenarios are definitely fun to think about. It will likely be a Ranger situation like Lord Drakkon, where Tommy was used as the foundation but as a Ranger it is more of a combination of the two. A Udonna Kira combination would certainly be cool right?

You can read much more about Shattered Grid here, here, and here, and make sure to follow @MattMuellerCB for all your Power Rangers coverage!

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