Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel 'Game Plan' Episode Recap

It's that time again, as a brand new episode of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel starts now!

Obviously, spoilers incoming for the Game Plan episode, so if you'd rather avoid them you've been warned!

The episode kicks off with a slew of students playing a new game, segueing to Preston sitting at a table, who is also playing the new game called Game Goblin. He shows it to the other Rangers, who seem taken with it too. A camera drone spots the Rangers, seeing that Preston has bought a Game Goblin system for all of them.

Cosmo Royale is quite taken with the possibilities and reveals that Game Goblin is actually a monster working for them. Game Goblin needs a certain amount of energy but then says he can destroy the Rangers, and Odius is excited at the chance to take down the Rangers once and for all.

Heading back to class, Ms. Finch is attempting to teach the students about molten magma, but every time she turns around the students are playing Game Goblin. She catches them while they're doing it, and discovers someone is still playing it. It is coming from Victor's desk, who has managed to take a picture of himself paying attention and placing it in front of him. Ms. Finch takes the game away.

Preston reveals that he forgot to do his homework thanks to playing the game, and Brody seems to think he might have a problem.

Things head back to the Power Rangers HQ, where all the Rangers are suited up but they are all playing the game. Brody is annoyed and takes the game from Levi, and then asks where Preston is. Preston is also playing the game in the lounge but runs off when he remembers training. Game Goblin reveals he has enough energy now to bring the Power Rangers in the game and sucks everyone in except for Preston and Levi, who didn't have the games open at the moment.

The four sucked in Rangers meet Game Goblin, but he sheds his adorable mascot form to reveal a less than adorable monster.

The Rangers morph to fight him and drain him a bit. Since they are in the game though, everytime someone gets more points he gets stronger, and unleashes a special attack on Brody, knocking him out. He rises in an odd state, and when the Rangers ask if he is okay, Game Goblin reveals Brody is ow fighting for him.

The special attack also powers up Brody, but before he can attack Hayley the controller beam wears off. He then gets another infusion of power and hits Hayley with the controller beam, who attacks all of the other Rangers. She does a lot of damage to the Rangers and Brody, in particular, but then it wears off of her as well. Game Goblin gets another infusion of energy from Preston playing the game of all things, and the Rangers make a hasty retreat.

Brody manages to get a message to Levi and tells him what is happening. Levi finds Preston, who is making the monster stronger with every level. He powers him with another 1000 points, and Levi makes the connection that the students playing are giving the monster energy to fight the Rangers in the game.

Levi tries to talk to Preston, and Preston stops playing the game.

Ms. Finch gives Victor's game system to Ms. Bell, and Victor and Monty scheme to get his game back. Monty spies an air vent and tells Victor to grab a rod and reel.

Levi tells Mick about how the monster is getting energy. Mick also shows them the affected games and tells them not to touch them. Preston is upset that he gave everyone the games and got his friends sucked into the game. Mick and Levi have a plan to stop the other people from playing the game, and Preston dives in to help his friends.

The other Rangers are still fighting Game Goblin, who is still getting energy from the students. Preston joins the fight though, knocking Game Goblin back. He charges in, but Game Goblin hits him with a controller beam and turns him against the other Rangers. Brody goes one on one with Preston, and Preston manages to get Brody on the ropes.

Game Goblin needs Preston's help though and calls him to fight the other Rangers. Preston does some significant damage, and Goblin asks him to finish them off. Preston takes them all on, but then action goes back to the school.

Monty tries to distract Ms. Bell, and a fishing hook can be seen dropping down from the vent, attempting to pick up Victor's Game Goblin system. The hook accidentally grabs Ms. ell's hair though, and as she yanks it down it brings Victor through the ceiling.

Mick then goes into the lobby and tells everyone to stop playing. He points to Levi and says this is what happened to him when hitting level 9. Levi is covered in green paint with a mop on his head, calling it the Game Goblin curse. It causes everyone to drop their games, and Monty accidentally breaks Victor's game too.

The energy saps from Game Goblin, and Preston feints a bit from the aftershock. Now the Rangers are on an equal playing field, and Preston uses a blue tornado strike to take out Game Goblin. There's a Bonus Level though, gigantifying Game Goblin.

The Rangers form the Megazord, but Game Goblin jams their system. They shift to Astro Megazord form, but the controller beam hits them once more. They try the Sub Surfer Ninja Megazord, and they manage to dodge the Game Goblin's controller beam and initiate the final attack ninja super steel blaster. Their final attack destroys him.


The Rangers are teleported back to Power Rangers HQ, where Preston apologizes for letting the game get in the way of training and school. They celebrate with some training. Preston asks Mick how he got them to stop playing, and he tells him that they told everyone about a Game Gobin curse that changes your face when you reach level 10. Preston likes the story but says guess we'll never know.

Things flash over to Odius' ship, where Badonna tells her they got the Galactic Ninjas to fight in their next episode. Cosmo Royale rushes in, who is still addicted to the game and has reached level 10. Odius gives him a mirror and it turns out the curse is real, and he runs out of the room.