Power Rangers: Bandai Not Releasing Pink And Yellow Psycho Ranger Figures

Power Rangers fans were ecstatic that they learned they would finally be getting a complete set of Psycho Ranger figures from Bandai, but sadly that will not turn out to be the case.

Bandai's Legacy line has experienced some bumps along the way, but fans were happy with the previously released Red Psycho Ranger, Blue Psycho Ranger, Black Psycho Ranger, and Silver Psycho Ranger figures. Unfortunately, fans won't be getting the complete lineup as originally promised, as Power Rangers NOW has confirmed that Bandai will not be releasing the Yellow Psycho Ranger or Pink Psycho Ranger figures any longer.

"Bandai America has confirmed to us that due to timing constraints with their expiring #PowerRangers toy license, Legacy Figures for the Yellow & Pink Psycho Rangers will unfortunately not release in time."

This is going to sting for a few reasons. The first is that the two Psycho Rangers left for last were the female Rangers, and it won't be the first time female Power Rangers figures were a sore subject for Bandai. The second is that some fans will likely be mad that Bandai released a special limited edition Psycho Green Ranger who isn't even a part of the core group (he was created for BOOM! Studios' Power Rangers comics universe). The fact that they now have him but don't have a Yellow or Pink to complete the traditional lineup will likely sting.

As for the reasoning, it seems that the handoff from Bandai to Hasbro won't allow for them to manufacture those and sell them before losing the toy license, and they aren't going to invest the money in figures that they would then be in a rush to sell before the deadline.

Bandai does seem to be re-releasing older Legacy figures, however, though that is using molds they already have of course, so nothing new is required, and you might as well use them before you lose them.

Those new pre-orders include Psycho Black, Psycho Red, and Psycho Blue, and you can find those and other Ranger figures up for pre-order below.

Power Rangers In Space Psycho Black Ranger

Power Rangers In Space Psycho Red Ranger

Power Rangers In Space Psycho Blue Ranger

As for the Power Rangers In Space Psycho Green Ranger, you're going to have to brave eBay or someone who is selling to get your hands on one.


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