Power Rangers: Jenna Rae Frank Addresses Red Ranger Rumor

Jason David Frank's daughter Jenna Rae Frank was at the center of a recent rumor that pegged her as the possible next Red Ranger, and Frank is definitely up for the challenge.

The rumor surfaced a few weeks ago and said that Jenna Rae Frank was being eyed for the next Red Ranger role. Since Beast Morphers already has its Red Ranger, if this were true it would be regarding whatever series follows that. In a new interview, Frank addressed the rumor, the reaction from fans, and her own reaction to the story.

"I think it was so cool! I’ve always wanted to be a Power Ranger," Frank told Pop Lurker. "I grew up watching Power Rangers because of my dad. In fact, the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers movie was the only one I was allowed to watch as a kid. So, with that article, I know that Power Rangers fans loved it. And it’s something I really, really want! I would love to work with Hasbro on any project, to be honest. It doesn’t even have to be Power Rangers."

As for being the Red Ranger, Frank thinks she is more than up for the challenge of becoming a Ranger.

"I was so excited by the response of the article," Frank said. "I kept thinking ‘Oh my god, this is so cool!’ And to be considered to lead as the Red Ranger was even better. I think I’m the perfect fit for it. I’m a black belt, I know karate, I know tumbling…as far as physical preparation for the role goes, I know everything. Well…okay…not everything, but I could hold my own as a Power Ranger! It would be really cool."

Now, as we said before, this is simply a rumor at the moment and is in no way confirmed. That led to some blowback from some fans, but most of the reaction was positive for Frank.

"Well to be honest, I’ve always gotten some hate," Frank said. "So, I just learned to brush that off. But I got a lot of positive stuff and I know the fans loved it. And my social media was blowing up!"


In many ways, this makes perfect sense, as it continues a cool legacy found within Power Rangers and gives us a female Red Ranger for a future show, which hasn't been seen since Samurai and that was only for part of the series. There will be some who don't love the idea of course, but we wouldn't be shocked to see it actually happen somewhere down the line. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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