Power Rangers: Follow Tommy's Charming Journey In Life After Power Rangers Series

It can't be easy being a Power Ranger, what with all that saving the world from giant monsters, evil queens, and Robogoats. Still, that becomes part of your everyday routine when you put on the suit and accept the power, whether you're ready or not. What happens though when the city is saved and you're out of high school? That's what Power Rangers fans Noah Baron and Jay Diaz explore in their new series Life After Power Rangers, taking fans into the post Ranger life of the Green Ranger, and the results are delightful.

We meet Tommy Oliver after he's moved from Angel Grove to Los Angeles, and these days he leads a rather quiet life full of early morning breakfasts, strolls with his dog, workout sessions, and reruns of The Office. As you can see from his place though, being a Ranger isn't far from his mind, and in fact factors into his everyday life in some interesting ways.

Take for instance his new day gig, which is as a Lyft driver, and yes, he's in full costume for it. He still gets recognized from time to time, though these days he's mistaken for the Avengers, and as you might imagine, it doesn't sit well with him. He's not going to say anything though, because even the Green Ranger doesn't want to lose that 5-Star rating.

(Photo: Noah Baron/Jay Diaz)

The episode follows Tommy as he continues an acting career and eventually learns he's pretty much got everything he's ever wanted, just not in the way he expected. It's a charming and genuinely funny journey through post Ranger life, and any Ranger fan will find something to love, including that fantastic ending tag that sets up a possible big-time reunion.

Trust us, it's definitely worth a watch, and we can't wait to see what comes next.

Life After Power Rangers was created by Jay Diaz and Noah Baron, and Diaz also directed, filmed, and edited the episode. Baron stars in the episode alongside Aerial Washington, Monica Orozco, Timm Perry, Vincent Maeder, Anthony L. Gilardi, Amanda Saechao, Ken Black, Briana Fesperman, and Kevin Sinic.


Anthony Gilardi Acting Studio, Alive Fitness, and Snakepit Alehouse also contributed, and you can check out the entire first episode in the video above.

You can find more from Noah Baron on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can find Jay Diaz on Twitter, YouTube, and his official website.