Austin St. John Got Revenge On 'Power Rangers' Producer For Making Him Use Hot Dog Nunchucks

There are some things you should never ask a Power Ranger to do, and that happens to include wielding Hot Dog nunchucks.

Confused? Yeah don't blame you, but we'll get you caught up. Austin St. John played Red Ranger Jason Scott during Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and at Dallas Fan Days earlier this year recalled a story of revenge thanks to being made to wield some Hot Dog nunchucks. It happened in the episode Food Fight, which had the Ranges taking on the monster Pudgy Pig.

By the way, sentences like that just make you smile, don't they?

"Did you see the stupid hot dog nunchucks they had me using, do you guys remember that," St. John asked the crowd. "The director handed me those and I was like "you have got to be kidding me", and he's just looking at me and I'm like "you're not kidding me are you?" He's like no, but I got him back. Because you remember the food fight? Oh yeah, give an 18-year-old kid a pie and tell him not to hit one specific spot. I mean I was a teenager with attitude, I was typecast, and you're asking me not to put a pie right there in that spot? You weren't thinking about this were you?"

If you don't remember the scene in question, at one point everyone in the Community Center starts throwing pies and any other food they can get their hands on. Bulk and Skull are also participating in the food fight, and Bulk is set to launch a pie in Jason's direction. Jason then takes hot dog links and whips them around like nunchucks. The display distracts Bull long enough for him to lose control of the pie over his head, which then makes it fall on top of him.

Producers were protected from the chaos, but St. John managed to find a chink in the armor.

"So I had these stupid nunchucks they made me do and they had like plastic tarps wrapped all over everything, and there was this little spot for the director to see what was going on with no plastic," St. John said. "I played a lot of baseball in high school, and it was over there but I was supposed to be throwing it over here and I must have slipped, I don't know, but it drilled him and it was great. He probably still hates me."

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