Did New Power Rangers Reboot Director Hint at the Green Ranger?

Power Rangers fans got some big news recently with the reveal that the new Power Rangers reboot might have a director in Jonathan Entwistle. Entwistle, known for creating Netflix's The End of the F***ing World, hasn't come out and officially commented on the news, but a glance at his Twitter account reveals a few interesting details. No. 1 a look at his likes shows he is liking several stories about his directing the film, including the original report from THR. Granted, that doesn't outright confirm it, but it's noteworthy nonetheless. Also noteworthy is that cover image, which might just hint at the Green Ranger.

Taking a look at Entwistle's cover image, it sports a very iconic Ranger helmet in the Green Ranger, with the rest of the background white. It's not hard to understand why he would pick the Green Ranger, as the OG Green is one of the most popular Rangers in the franchise. That said, it is interesting when you're about to embark on a Power Rangers reboot project, especially when you consider that many fans are bummed that we didn't get to see the Tommy character explored in the 2017 reboot.

In the 2017 film, Tommy was teased in the post-credits scene with a green jacket on the back of a chair, but we never actually saw him in the movie. The obvious thinking was to tease him and then introduce him as a main character (or villain) in the sequel, but unfortunately, the film didn't do well enough at the box office to get a followup.

(Photo: Twitter)

Now, I tried to figure out if it's a new cover image or an older one, and unfortunately, I can't seem to confirm it either way. Regardless of when he added it, it is noteworthy to know where his affiliation lies. If he's a Green Ranger fan, there might be a greater chance of the character popping up in the movie, and while previous thinking might be to save something like that for a sequel, we've learned that isn't guaranteed.

Bringing in the Green Ranger now might be a great way to pull in mainstream fans, fans who did not turn out to see the (criminally underrated mind you) 2017 film. You have to go all out if you want a Power Rangers movie to succeed, and if that means it needs to involve the Green Ranger, then we're all for it. We want sequels man!


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