Power Rangers: Imaginext Reveals Pirantishead And Thunder Megazord Figures

The Imaginext line features some of the coolest Power Rangers recreations around, and now fans can get their first look at two new additions.

Earlier this year Imaginext announced a few new figures for their popular Power Rangers line, including a Titanus and Megazord set. They also announced two new figures consisting of the Thunder Megazord and the Lord Zedd's monstrous creation Pirantishead. The assumption is that the two will be featured in a two-pack like other figures in the series.

Imaginext teased the figures in a short video, which shows Pirantishead being taken out by the Thunder Megazord. The video is accompanied by the caption "Pirantishead had it coming! #ThunderMegazord #MMPR."

No release date is known for the set, but having another monster in the line should be welcomed by fans. Currently, the Imaginext Power Rangers series has a Rita Repulsa & Lord Zedd two-pack, a Finster & Rita pack, a Goldar & Lord Zedd pack, a Putty Patrollers pack, a Squatt & Baboo pack, a Scorpina & King Sphinx pack, and a Terror Toad & Putty pack. That's a sizable assortment, but many are mix and match with the same characters.

The line already features numerous versions of the core Power Rangers (including White and Green) as well as multiple versions of the Zords. So far though it is mostly only the Dinozords, with the exceptions being the Tigerzord and Dragonzord. Hopefully, the introduction of the Thunder Megazord and Titanus means fans can expect more Thunderzords in the near future, and maybe even a mega-sized Thunder Megazord like the previous Megazord release.


Fans can also get the Power Rangers Command Center (complete with Zordon and Alpha 5) and Rita Repulsa's Moon Base (with Rita and Putty Patroller) to house their new figures in, and if you're looking for something even cooler you can always grab the Dragonzord R/C vehicle.

You can't really go wrong either way and hopefully, the line continues for the foreseeable future.