Jason Faunt Explains What He Wants To See More Of From Power Rangers Franchise

2018 is a big year for Power Rangers, and Jason Faunt has one thing he would love to see more of in the franchise's future.

Faunt starred as Wesley Collins on Power Rangers: Time Force, but has also made other appearances in proceeding seasons. When Faunt spoke to ComicBook.com, we asked him what he loves about the franchise and what he would love to see more of, and his answer should make fans quite happy.

"What I've realized doing all these conventions is that you have a fan base that is grown, and it's a very very smart fan base that doesn't miss a beat, and the franchise needs to grow with them, which I think has been in my opinion pivotal that the movie happened like it did," Faunt said. "I like when the current show is bringing back original Rangers or people from the past, whether they brought Jason David Frank back or, someone from the past to come up with the new group. I think that the fans love that and I think they're recognizing it now."

While Saban has continued the anniversary reunion episodes in newer seasons, the other traditional team up episodes of years past are not as frequent, with Dino Charge and Ninja Steel not having any.

"I'm very close to the producers and I always say 'hey look, they love this original stuff', Faunt said. "You can see it at the conventions with just how many people get in line for different autographs, you can see the popularity, and they watch that now, and I think they recognize that bringing back original people, and I even think starting to do more like a Pink Ranger reunion. I think every year they should add that little flavor from before, bring in some from the old back, and I think the fanbase loves that and they are starting to do it"

That will change in 2018's Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, which features a special reunion episode for the Power Rangers 25th anniversary. Still, more frequent references or cameos would be welcome, as would slightly more adult storylines.

"So I would like to see them continue to mature it a bit, age the storylines a little bit, and then incorporate past Rangers in," Faunt said.


The good news is that Saban seems to be listening, so hopefully, fans will see these changes implemented over time in the coming seasons.

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel launches in 2018.