Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #55 Review: A Thrilling Finale Precedes a Bold New Era

It has been a long and rewarding journey up to this point, but before the new era of Mighty [...]

It has been a long and rewarding journey up to this point, but before the new era of Mighty Morphin and Power Rangers begins, it's time to end the current Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, and thankfully the creative team more than delivers. Writer Ryan Parrott, artist Moises Hidalgo, colorist Walter Baiamonte, and letterer Ed Dukeshire are all on their A-games here, and their enthusiasm for the property shines through—combining larger than life action and compelling character moments that set the stage for what's to come while also ending this series in style. It's really all a fan could ask for.

One of the series' hallmarks is how it captures the nostalgic feeling of the classic series' Zord battles while injecting them with modern flair, and that is no more apparent than in the fight against the Dark Rangers' TerrorZords. Dan Mora's creature-like designs are a lovely contrast to the ThunderZords, and Hidalgo and Baimonte are lend that little bit of additional creepiness to the overall aesthetic that stands out so well against the classic robot designs of ThunderZords.

This is one of the best Zord battles of the entire 55-issue series. It feels like the TerrorZords are a genuine threat throughout and that lethality gives the Green Ranger's anticipated reveal the energy it needs to impact the battle and story to come, though the stellar visuals from this point forward don't hurt in the least. In fact, I didn't expect to be as invested in the new Green Ranger's introduction, but Parrott got me on board thanks to one person and one person only: Grace Sterling.

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

It's easy to get lost in all the giant robot battles and morphin grid craziness, but this series has thrived because of the small character moments in between all the action. The exchange between Sterling and Drakkon showcases this once again. You always feel as though you know where it is going, but the dialogue between these two is still compelling and that only becomes richer after the last few pages and a fantastic hook in the final panel.

Now, this doesn't read like most other series finales in that it's not the true end of a story, but more of a launching point for two new series. Because of that some might feel that there's not a sufficient payoff, as there are actually more plot points and threads either teased or left lingering for Parrott to follow up on later, rather than having things wrapped up in a bow. You won't get a "Countdown to Destruction"-esque ending here, but the issue does deliver several promising elements I can't wait to see in the two upcoming titles that take its place.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #55 brings together all the elements you love in a classic Power Rangers story while also planting the seeds for a promising new era right around the corner. You'll be glad you came along for the ride.

Published by Boom Studios

On October 21, 2020

Written by Ryan Parrott

Art by Moises Hidalgo

Colors by Walter Baiamonte

Letters by Ed Dukeshire