Netflix Reveals Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Trailer

Netflix has revealed the first trailer for Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

Power Rangers fans have been eagerly anticipating the first trailer for Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, and now Netflix has finally revealed it. If you head to the official Cosmic Fury page on Netflix, the new trailer is now viewable, and you can watch it in full in the video below. The trailer begins by revealing the Cosmic Fury morph sequence, which includes Amelia, Javi, Izzy, and Aiyon. Then we get a look at a big battle scene and more scenes of the Rangers in action as they utilize their slick new weapons, followed by the appearance of Zayto. You can watch the full trailer in the video below.

We also get a look at Zayto in action later in the trailer, which is followed by a massive battle sequence that involves the Zords fighting a giant creature in the midst of the city. Another look at Javi's new robotic arm follows and then we get more looks at the Cosmic Fury Megazord to bring it all to a close.

The Cosmic Fury cast includes Russell Curry (Zayto), Hunter Deno (Amelia Jones), Kai Moya (Ollie Akana), Tessa Rao (Izzy Garcia), Chance Perez (Javi Garcia), Jordon Fite (Aiyon), Jacqueline Joe (Fern), and Yost (Billy). Power Rangers Cosmic Fury is executive produced by Simon Bennett, and you can find the official description for Cosmic Fury below.

"Lord Zedd has escaped, and this time his rampage extends to the farthest reaches of space! The Rangers need to find new Zords and new powers to face Zedd's latest threat, and they won't do so alone. Joined by some familiar faces, they will discover the power of the Cosmic Orbs and become the Cosmic Fury Rangers, armed with new uniforms, new weapons, and an entire new fleet of Zords!

Ever the tech genius and master of logic, Billy's help is crucial to the Rangers in their battle against Lord Zedd. Billy's expertise shines as the team rallies to fend off both a galactic invasion and the potential undoing of all the good that came from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers team."

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will premiere on Netflix on September 29th, and Dino Fury seasons 1 and 2 are currently available to stream on Netflix. You can stream Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always on Netflix as well.

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