Power Rangers Artist Reveals Slick Rita, Lord Zedd, Megazord, and Ranger Redesigns

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fans are well acquainted with artist Dan Mora, who helped craft the gorgeous visuals from Hasbro and BOOM! Studios' Go Go Power Rangers. While he's not penciling Go Go any longer, he's still played a big part in Power Rangers, crafting the art for the upcoming Renegade Game Studios tabletop game Heroes of the Grid, and he's also taken to redesigning some of your favorite Rangers, villains, and Zords for fun, and they're pretty dang slick. In the past, he's taken to redesigning some Rangers, but lately, he's added the Megazord, Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, Alpha 5, Goldar, and even a new Ranger to the mix, which you can see in all their glory in the photos below.

The first one is his redesigned Green Ranger, which is a lot like his Red Ranger design, with modern lines and some tweaked gloves and boot designs, and they look quite stylish. You can check it out below.

He posted it with the caption: "Here is my take on the green ranger to celebrate 20 issues of go go power rangers, If you haven't, go check it out the final issue of the series, Thank you @ThatRyanParrott, @eloelo, @FranzMortarino, @raul_angu and all who have contributed to this book. I, for one, couldn’t be more proud to have been part of the team #powerrangers @boom_studios"

Next up is his new take on Goldar, whose armor has been given a more alien look. There are lines of blue energy running through the armor, including the black torso that helps set off all the gold in the rest of the design. It's an overall much sleeker design, and we love it.

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That sleekness continues with the Megazord, who features the same blue energy lines and accents but has a more rounded chest plate, a more angular helmet, and more rounded features overall.

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After that, we have Lord Zedd, who is one of the coolest looking redesigns in our opinion. The iconic helmet is still there, but Zedd's head features blue lines etched into his flesh. We can't tell if they are more like tattoos or some sort of energy from the helmet, but it looks cool regardless. The chest plate has also received a bit of bulking up, but the overall aesthetic stays true to the original. There is also some added shoulder blades and his lower torso has also received a bit more armor as well.

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Mora then takes on a new Ranger, one clad in silver with those same technological accents. Mora explains that this is his take on Matt if he were a Ranger, and we are kind of bummed now that he never did..but who knows, maybe he will one day.


Last but certainly not least is his take on Rita Repulsa. The full design hasn't been released, but we are already loving his take, as it features a white-haired Rita with a redesigned headdress and a ditching of the pointier breastplate.

Overall we love these and hope Mora keeps them coming, and you can check them all out above. You can find more of Mora's work on Instagram.