Power Rangers Board Game Kickstarter Launches

The big day is finally here, and now you can support the new Power Rangers board game from [...]

The big day is finally here, and now you can support the new Power Rangers board game from Renegade Game Studios on Kickstarter.

You can head here to see everything that comes with the core game as well as all the expansions, but here's a quick rundown of just what Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid is.

The base level (It's Morphin Time) will cost you $75, and will come with the core game, but no Kickstarter exclusives. The Go Go Power Rangers level will net you the game, the Green With Evil expansion Kickstarter exclusive, the White Light Expansion Kickstarter exclusive, and the Rita Repulsa Alternate Sculpt Kickstarter exclusive for $150.

The Morphin Master! - All In! set will net you all of the above, as well as the Shattered Grid Expansion, the Foot Soldier Pack, the Ranger Dice Set, the Megazord, and all of the future unlocked stretch goals for $240.

The Green with Evil expansion features Scorpina (mini and cards), an Evil Green Ranger (mini and cards), 12 Tenga Warriors (plus cards) and 2 location boards.

The White Light expansion features the White Ranger (mini and cards), Lord Zedd (mini and cards), 12 Z Putty Patrollers (plus cards) and 2 location boards.

Oh, and that Megazord is pretty sweet.

Currently the stretch goals include Finster, double-sided location boards, the Wizard of Deception, more Putty Patrollers, a Dice upgrade, Pumpkin Rapper, a Hero Green Ranger mini, more Tenga Warriors, a Red Ranger Dragon Shield mini, Punchboard upgrade, more Putties, a Hero Ranger Slayer mini, a deluxe storage box, and a Goldar Master mini.

You can take a look at all of it right here.

The new game will accommodate 2 to 5 players and will take around 45 to 60 minutes to play through a session. It's a cooperative game that will allow players to utilize their martial arts, teamwork, and Zords in the fight against fan favorite enemies like Rita Repulsa, Pudgy Pig, Madame Woe, and Putty Patrollers. You can check out more pics of the miniatures here or in the gallery.

The game was designed by Jonathan Ying (Star Wars: Imperial Assault) and the miniatures and world are based on the art of Go Go Power Rangers' Dan Mora. Fans of BOOM! Studios' Shattered Grid are in luck too, as there will be a Shattered Grid expansion available as part of the Kickstarter. The expansion will feature new locations and enemies from the storyline, including The Ranger Slayer, Black Dragon, and Lord Drakkon.

The best part though is that the HyperForce Rangers will also be included in this expansion, so fans can finally play as Marv, Eddie, Vesper, Chloe, and Jack from the popular series.

Fans can get their first taste of the game at Power Morphicon, so if you're attending make sure to stop by Renegade's booth to learn how to play the game.

We have a few things we are hoping for in the full version, so check out our list and see if we ended up being right!