Power Rangers Will Start Casting For 26th Season In March

It seems the next season of Power Rangers is already in the works!Power Rangers will celebrate its [...]

It seems the next season of Power Rangers is already in the works!

Power Rangers will celebrate its 26th season in 2019, and although we don't know what team or premise the show will be using this time around, we do know that Saban is already starting to cast for the project. A new post by Power Rangers casting director Iris Hampton reveals that casting for the new season will start in mid-march, which you can read in full below (via Power Rangers NOW).

"We will begin casting soon for another amazing season of Power Rangers! Contact your agents and managers for details in mid-March. Would love to see great young talent proficient in martial arts, gymnastics, acrobatics, or dance."

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Hampton has been involved with the show since the beloved Power Rangers In Space, so it is more than legit.

As for what the show will end up being, there are two real options. As you know, the Power Rangers series uses footage from the Super Sentai seasons, and there are two recent seasons that have yet to be adapted into a Power Rangers show.

The most likely option for Saban is Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, which is the 41st season of the long-running show. The show is heavily favored due to its space theme and the sheer number of Rangers. The show would be the first to use a space theme since Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, and would also serve as a nice contrast to the current Super Ninja Steel. It also features 12 Rangers, which translates into all kinds of toy opportunities.

Plus, it was received really well in Japan, and the premise should go over well in the states too, as it deals with alien invaders taking over the world, awakening 9 of the most powerful heroes to save it.

If Saban goes another route, it will likely go with Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, the 40th season. Zyuohger has an animal theme, with a few video game elements thrown in for good measure. The show features around 9 Rangers, and the premise could go over well, but it isn't as surefire a premise as Kyuranger.

It will be interesting to see which way Saban goes.

In the meantime, you can catch Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel on Nickelodeon Saturdays at 12 pm, and make sure to follow @MattMuellerCB for all your Power Rangers news!