Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Confirms Netflix Release Window

Power Rangers is planning a big showcase for its 30th Anniversary, but that won't be the only new thing coming our way as the franchise has confirmed the release window for the 30th season of the series, Power Rangers Cosmic Fury! Following the end of Power Rangers Dino Fury's second season, it was announced that the cast from the series would be returning for a third round of the series. But as teased by the final moments of Dino Fury, the show was about to undergo major changes as the team will be heading into space to take on all sorts of new foes. 

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury was previously announced to release some time this year as part of the franchise's overall 30th Anniversary celebration, but executive producer Simon Bennett gave fans a promising update on the season's release during the recent Hasbro Pulse stream for the 30th Anniversary. Announcing that Cosmic Fury is now confirmed for a release with Netflix some time later this Fall following the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers special hitting this Spring. 

What to Expect For Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will be releasing with Netflix this Fall, and it's teasing that the Dino Fury team will be returning with a new set of space faring powers and suits. While it's currently unclear as to what kind of threats they will be facing in the new season (outside of the returning Lord Zedd), it's been revealed that Amelia (played by Hunter Deno) will be getting a major promotion as the first full time female Red Ranger for a series. But there's also some other changes of note coming for the series. 

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Running for 10 episodes in total, Cosmic Fury has been confirmed to use the Zord footage from the Super Sentai series, Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, but will be relying on original footage for everything else. This includes the fights and more we will get to see throughout. So there's a lot to look forward to when Power Rangers Cosmic Fury hits Netflix this Fall! 

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