Power Rangers: Hasbro's First Wave of Lightning Collection Figures Revealed

Hasbro revealed the first release from their upcoming Power Rangers action figure line the Lightning Collection, and now it seems the full first wave of figures has been revealed.

Thanks to @PowerRangerTalk some listings have been found in Amazon's database, and it holds a treasure trove of riches for Power Rangers fans. This will be the first wave of figures under the Hasbro umbrella, and this first wave features some particular fan favorites. You can find the full list of figures below.

White Ranger - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Pink Ranger - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Lord Zedd - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Magna Defender - Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Shadow Ranger - Power Rangers S.P.D.

Red Ranger - Power Rangers Beast Morphers

Gold Ranger - Power Rangers Beast Morphers

Red Ranger - Power Rangers Dino Charge

In addition to that stacked list, there is also an Ultrazord listed, but it isn't known if that is a standalone item, a Build-A-Figure ala Marvel Legends, or something else entirely, though it does have the acronym PRG next to it.

In addition to those, there is also a Figure Assortment listing, a listing for a PRG Cheetah Claw, and a PRG Reactive Kata Sowrd.

That's a pretty fantastic lineup, and if it is true then it seems to have found a balance between for sure money in the Mighty Morphin items and fan favorites like Shadow Ranger, as well as also highlighting the new series (Beast Morphers) and even including a villain (Lord Zedd).

What do you think of the new selection of figures? Let us know in the comments!