'Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid' Reveals New Cyclopsis Figure and Scenario

Later this year Power Rangers fans will be able to bring the adventures of their favorite Rangers [...]

Later this year Power Rangers fans will be able to bring the adventures of their favorite Rangers to the tabletop with Heroes of the Grid, and recently Renegade Game Studios gave fans a new update on the game. The cooperative board game will feature a host of fan-favorite villains for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to go up against, including the powerful Cyclopsis, which was a stretch goal for the Kickstarter campaign. Now Renegade has revealed the impressive new deluxe Cyclopsis figure and the cards it will come with, and we can't wait to go up against the powerful Zord.

We aren't kidding about Cyclopsis being powerful either. According to Renegade's description, the Cyclopsis will have its own scenario, as players will have to work their way through two monsters before they face the Cyclopsis, but you can expect a much harder fight on your hands than the typical boss.

The Cyclopsis' attacks are completely unblockable, so you are going to get hit throughout this fight. The way it works is every round on the enemy's turn a random Cyclopsis card is resolved, and those cards feature attacks like Arc Lightning, Devastating Strike, and Missle Barrage. They will also resolve no matter what, so no taking out a card before it can hit you here.

(Photo: Renegade)

So how do you take the Cyclopsis down you ask? Well, you will lay out the six component cards of the Cyclopsis as you see below. Each part will need to be targeted by the team to take the Zord down a notch, as each piece buffs the overall Zord. You'll want to target the legs for example since they allow Cyclopsis to take additional actions or the torso since it absorbs damage directly from the limbs. The head houses the Zord's battle data so that might make a compelling target as well, but regardless of which option you pursue the battle doesn't end just because you take one piece out.

(Photo: Renegade)

Let's say you do take out the right arm, for instance, that doesn't mean it is completely gone. The Cyclopsis will adapt to the Rangers, which you signify by flipping over the right arm card. That reveals a new effect and changed up tactic that the Zord can deploy, and you'll need to work against that and the other changing effects as you try and take out each separate piece. Take them all out and you've conquered the Cyclopsis for good.

(Photo: Renegade)

This is meant as a supreme challenge, so it's probably a good idea not to take this scenario on when you are getting your feet wet. You'll get the Cyclopsis scenario with the Morphin Master All In Tier, but the game can also be pre-ordered through your local game store.

Want to learn more about Heroes of the Grid? You can check out our interview with Renegade all about the game right here!


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