'Power Rangers' Has A Higher Rotten Tomatoes Score Than 'Justice League'

Justice League is off to a somewhat rocky start, something Power Rangers can identify with. Power [...]

Justice League is off to a somewhat rocky start, something Power Rangers can identify with. Power Rangers does have one advantage over it though at the moment.

A lot was made of the Rotten Tomatoes score for Justice League, which was revealed through the site's show See It Skip It. Justice League debuted with a 37% on their Tomatometer, and has since climbed to 40%. That is still below Saban's recent reboot of Power Rangers though, which comes in at 43%.

Now, a few important factors. Rotten Tomatoes has two scores to pay attention to. The Tomatometer rates the critic opinions, while their Audience Score rates general audience scores, and the two can vary by a wide margin sometimes.

For Power Rangers, audiences enjoyed it more than critics, as that 43% goes up to a 66% in the Audience Score. That's a substantial contrast, but it pales to Justice League's ratio.

Justice League sports a 40% score at the moment but also boasts an 85% Audience Score to go along with it. That paints a pretty clear line in the sand between general audiences and critics, a divide that has been in place from day one in regards to the DC cinematic universe, with Wonder Woman being the lone exception.

Justice League currently holds a 67.24 on ComicBook.com's composite rankings, which you can vote on here.

As for Power Rangers, the film has staunch supporters and naysayers, but whether or not fans get a sequel or not will largely depend on budget concerns. Lionsgate had a budget of $100 million for Power Rangers and only brought in just over $142 million worldwide. That was enough to take care of the budget and a part of the marketing most likely, but it was far from crazy profitable.

If Lionsgate and Saban can pitch a sequel that incorporates the Green Ranger and cut down the budget, they could have a winner on their hands, and fans are more than up for another go round. It remains to be seen what the future holds.

Fans can watch Power Rangers now on digital, Blu-ray, and DVD, while Justice League is currently in theaters.