Power Rangers: Jason David Frank Would Love A Lord Drakkon Netflix Series

Kyle Higgins and Jason David Frank surprised everyone with their live-action Shattered Grid [...]

Kyle Higgins and Jason David Frank surprised everyone with their live-action Shattered Grid trailer, but could that eventually lead to an actual live-action series?

That's the thought that originally leaped to everyone's mind after watching the trailer, which acts as a promo for the upcoming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic series event Shattered Grid. It was quite something to see Frank starring in the Lord Drakkon role, and while the trailer is to promote the comics event, Frank did say that it also serves as a great proof of concept for something like a Netflix series.

"Everyone's on board to make this awesome trailer slash possible pilot that could be its own show or something," Frank told ComicBook.com. "I just want to make it clear before everyone jumps on board. This is a promo for Shattered Grid, but I was hoping to get the attention of fans around the world including the Saban brand and say, "Hey, look, this could be an awesome Netflix series, this could be a highly talked about series around the world."

Frank isn't writing off something like a Green Ranger or White Ranger series just yet of course, but there is an unprecedented amount of intrigue when it comes to Lord Drakkon, and opens the door for plenty of new and returning fans to check out the franchise.

"And it's ... because the reason for that is not ... If I was doing a Green Rangers series, or a White Ranger series, great," Frank said. "And those talks hopefully will be in the future. But the cool thing about Lord Drakkon is not everybody ... 2 out of 10 people know him, so eight people are gonna search for it to find out what this is. If you read the comic it's like, "What is this? I'm blown away. It's better than the movie. It's this, it's that."

The current live-action series is more targeted at younger ages, so it wouldn't be a crazy idea to push something a bit more mature in another format. That's the role of the comics at the moment, but there would be plenty of fans on board if that also included a Netflix or other streaming platform series that could really let the franchise explore different storylines.

Shattered Grid officially kicks off in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25, which lands in comic stores this Wednesday.