‘Power Rangers’ Star Jason David Frank Will Be Wrestling in 2019

Power Rangers star Jason David Frank recently made a big impression at a wrestling show, and now he's set to make his wrestling debut in 2019.

Frank was on hand for the Laredo Wrestling Alliance's show on Saturday, watching ringside as LWA United Pure Champion Ricky Swayze took on Brysin Scott. By the end of their match though he was unhappy that Frank was taking attention away from him, saying he was the top attraction. He ended up taunting Frank and pushing him, and Frank responded with a punch to the face.

Afterward, it was revealed that he would be making his pro wrestling debut with Laredo Wrestling Alliance in 2019, and he couldn't be more thrilled to jump into the ring.

"I've always been interested in stepping into a wrestling ring," Frank told LMT. "I don't do this stuff. I do MMA. Just to learn this stuff is cool. I went to WWE, but just to see this passion in these fighters, everyone is hungry and everyone wants to be the best they can. I like that."

The fans chanted "JDF" after the altercation between Frank and Scott, and LWA owner Rey Chavarria said Frank's appearance resulted in Chavarria and promoter Dan Martinez having to pull out an additional 100 chairs to add to their already full 300 chair order for the event. "This was the largest crowd we have ever had," Chavarria said.

After the event, Frank took pictures with fans in attendance, and he is ecstatic that his wrestling debut will happen in his home state of Texas.

"I love going to South Texas Comic Con," Frank said. "I've wanted to do a Power Morphicon down here. We are doing one in Texas, and I have been wanting to do one in Laredo. So, when (LWA) called me, they soon asked what my price was, and I had told them I would come down for free. I feel like for me and my fan base, you are never too big to attend events like this or come to towns that most people don't go to. I'm happy to be here."

Chavarria expects big things in 2019 with the addition of Frank. "If that's not a big deal, what else is there to say about wrestling in Laredo?" Chavarria said. "This is the place to be. The Green Ranger is wrestling for the first time in LWA. Just listen to that over again. Laredo isn't known for that. Now it's going to be known for the home of LWA and where Jason David Frank made his wrestling debut."

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