Power Rangers: Jason David Frank Reveals What WWE Stars Would Make Great Rangers

Few Rangers are more legendary in the Power Rangers franchise than Jason David Frank's Tommy Oliver and recently had the chance to reveal which WWE superstars would make his ultimate team of Rangers.

Frank was backstage at Monday Night Raw recently, and in an interview with WWE, he was asked which superstars, male or female, would make the best Power Rangers. Frank decided to take names from both the red brand Monday Night Raw and the blue brand Smackdown Live for his squad of Rangers, starting with the Demon himself Finn Balor.

"I like Finn Bálor," Frank told WWE. "It would be great to see someone like that [as] a Power Ranger. He’s so unique. The accent and the vibe are so different."

Next, he drafted none other than Paige, who is currently serving as Smackdown Live General Manager. "As far as the women, I’d like to see Paige,' Frank said. "I’ve known her for quite some time and I think she would make a good Pink Ranger. It would be cool to see her [in that role]. But Nikki Bella too, she’s always sweet."

He also drafted The New Day's Xavier Woods, who he recently did an episode of UpUpDownDown with.

"To back up, I think Xavier would make a great Power Ranger! He does the fan film stuff, he’s a sharp kid, he’s in shape, has great skill and an outgoing personality," Frank said. "So I think he’d be good! And doing UpUpDownDown with him was great. I don’t know much about video games, even though I do have my own video game coming out called “My Morphin’ Life,” but it was interesting going [on the channel] and playing [as] my character. They really made me feel at home. Sometimes, when you go to a new place, you don’t know how people are going to act or treat you, but backstage everybody was like “Hey, Jason! How’s it going?” I knew everybody, even in the world of WWE, which is super crazy because that’s not my genre, but it was really good. The guys had so much energy and it was just a great episode to film."

Frank was also asked if he ever wants to step into a ring after watching a WWE match, and he seems open to it.


"The things that [WWE Superstars] do are incredible," Frank said. "They’re doing flips, and this and that. They do 200 shows a year, so their cardio is fantastic. They’re all tough, they’re all strong. So, can I step in the ring? Yes. There are a lot of things I probably couldn’t do in the WWE ring, but there’s a lot of things I can do [too]. I would love to make a guest appearance."

Let's hope that happens someday, and sooner rather than later.