Power Rangers Makes First 25th Anniversary Announcement And Launches New Website

Power Rangers kicked off its 25th Anniversary announcements today but also debuted a brand new [...]

Power Rangers kicked off its 25th Anniversary announcements today but also debuted a brand new destination for fans.

Saban's first 25th Anniversary announcement was actually one that fans already knew about, but it did fit the "Throwback Thursday" label. That would be the limited-edition re-release of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Auto Morphin Figures, which give the fan favorite original toys a brand new lease on life.

The Auto Morphin figures currently include the Red Ranger (Jason), the Pink Ranger (Kimberly), and the Green Ranger (Tommy), but hopefully, the rest of the team will also be added to the line. The figures, especially the Red and Green Rangers, have been showing up at Gamestop and other stores since late last year, but this announcement is only the first in Power Rangers Top 25 for the 25th-anniversary collector's list.

(Photo: Saban)

Fans can keep up with the new additions to the list thanks to a new Power Rangers website called RangerNation.com. The website will update with new entries to the list on the 25th of each month, and currently features plenty of 90s inspired visuals to coincide with the Auto Morphin figures. Fans can also find a Power Rangers digital museum and an Ask Zordon option that allows fans to interact with the iconic mentor, though he does seem to be a bit bent out of shape that you are asking him questions and not...you know...saving the world.

You can check out the new website here, and the Auto Morphin figures can be viewed above.

The 25th Anniversary is a big one for Power Rangers, and fans are hoping to see some big surprises throughout the next months. There are rumors that the next announcement alludes to something else already announced, though it could also be an extended look. As for the one after that, it is believed to be a close look at the Psycho Rangers Legacy figures, a set that has long been requested by fans.

Those figures have already been spotted at the London ToyFair, but only two of them, so fans might finally get a look at the whole set as part of the Top 25 for the 25th-anniversary collector's list.

The next season of the long-running franchise is Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, which will launch its season this Saturday, January 27.