Jason David Frank Explains Why Certain Scenes Were Cut From 'Power Rangers Megaforce'

Asked by That Hashtag Show about Lord Drakkon making the jump from comics into live action, Power [...]

Asked by That Hashtag Show about Lord Drakkon making the jump from comics into live action, Power Rangers vet Jason David Frank points to messy licensing rights as leading to complications that prohibit certain fan desires — the same reason certain scenes couldn't make their way into Power Rangers Megaforce.

"I'm not too sure, I talked to Kyle [Higgins, writer of BOOM! Studios' Mighty Morphin Power Rangers], I was in the BOOM! comic panel, I know in 2018 they're gonna do a big storyline, [but] I think there's owner licensing rights with all these different people," Frank said. He added, "Valiant licensing rights with the television show, to the movie, to this, to that, it gets complex."

"Even when you're filming something, it's complex with the licensing rights. For example Megaforce, there were things Saban could not use for licensing purposes, so there were things that were cut out," Frank explained.

"The fans were like, 'you should have used it!' But they didn't own the licensing rights to it, so that's the reason why they cut it out. So there's a lot to the business I think people don't know."

Megaforce story editor James W. Bates hinted at licensing issues impacting Power Rangers Super Megaforce in an interview with Den of Geek, saying, "There were some seasons that were easier to use, some seasons we couldn't use at all for different reasons."

Disney acquired the Power Rangers franchise in 2001 when it purchased Fox Family Worldwide, a deal that included Saban Entertainment.

Saban Capital Group bought back Power Rangers in 2010, bringing the franchise to Nickelodeon and Nicktoons in 2011.

A live-action big screen film, Power Rangers, debuted in theaters last March. The film was co-produced and distributed by Lionsgate Films and Saban Films.

Frank recently sported a fan-made Lord Drakkon cosplay, promising more professional photos to come.

Frank, who has appeared in more Power Rangers episodes than anyone else with appearances in Mighty Morphin', Zeo, Turbo, Wild Force, Dino Thunder, and Super Megaforce, previously opened up about the possibility of veteran Power Ranger Tommy Oliver passing the torch to another Ranger in the nearby future.

The actor will next appear as Bloodshot in web series Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe.