Watching the Power Rangers Movie on SYFY will Get You a Dino Megazord in Legacy Wars

The Power Rangers movie from 2017 is still beloved amongst fans of the franchise, and this weekend the film will be making its U.S. television debut on basic cable courtesy of SYFY. Fans can tune in on Sunday, September 15th at 9 pm/8 pm CST, but there's a cool surprise in store for those who tune in other than just seeing the movie (though that would be awesome in itself). SYFY and nWay are partnering up for a special promotion for Power Rangers Legacy Wars, and fans will need to pay attention for a chance to unlock your very own movie Dino Megazord in Legacy Wars.

So here's how it works. During the final commercial break of Power Rangers SYFY will share a special code with instructions on how to redeem the Dino Megazord from the movie in Legacy Wars. Now, you'll want to jot it down and redeem it asap, as the code will expire 24 hours after the broadcast.

As you can see in the images below, the movie Dino Megazord looks pretty slick and wields dual swords. You can also check out his move list in the new trailer above, though we've collected them below as well.

(Photo: nWay)

Dino Drop: Dino Megazord pulls back his elbow and then dashes forward and lets it fly, bashing it into the chest of the other Megazord.

Pterodactyl Spin: Dino Megazord pulls out both swords and then dashes forward towards his opponent while charging up his sword above his head. He then hits with the charged up sword and proceeds to spin forward hitting several more times. Finally, he ends the attack with one final hit with both swords.

Mastodon Kick: Dino Megazord pulls back and charges up, then makes a huge dash forward leading with his foot, kicking the opponent right in the face.

(Photo: Power Rangers)

Sabertooth Leap: Dino Megazord leaps upwards and then brings his dual blades down on the opponent.

Ultimate: Dino Megazord charges up both blades and then dives forward with both in front of him. While in the air he starts spinning, hitting several times and then pulls both blades outward for one last hit.


Combo - Tricera Strike/Tyranna Assault/Ultimate: This attack leads with a Tricera Strike combo but then has Dino Megazord hitting the opponent with blades then jumping far back. He leaps back into a charge and then unleashes a circular blast which launches him back again. Then he launches one more circular blast before landing. After that, he dives in for his ultimate attack.

Power Rangers Legacy Wars is available on iOS and Android devices, and let us know what you think of the Dino Megazord in the comments or feel free to hit me up on Twitter @MattAguilarCB for all things Power Rangers!