Power Rangers Movie and TV Show Reboot Reveals New Details

Details have been few and far between for the anticipated Power Rangers movie and television universe reboot, but some new details might have just been revealed courtesy of The Illuminerdi and Jinsakuu. Illuminerdi has stated they've independently confirmed Jinsakuu's report about the reboot, and if these details are true, there are quite a few things to take note of. The details state that the same team that is being used in the movie will also be used in the upcoming show reboot and that the tone is in keeping with the 2017 movie reboot, though one of the bigger reveals is that the new Rangers are reportedly not Mighty Morphin.

It's a new team with new names but Jinsakuu says not to be surprised if Zordon and Alpha 5 are included as the mentors. There will also evidently be fewer Zord battles and they will only be used in big moments, and regarding the show, it will be more serialized and less focused on specific lessons or monster of the day.

It also seems that everyone that was announced as part of the creative team is still part of it, and the report states that the only reason we haven't received casting or filming details is that it is too expensive to do the upcoming 30th season (Cosmic Fury) and also work on the reboot, so once Cosmic Fury wraps up more details should be forthcoming.

There is a rumored part to this as well, as Japan is expected to play a part somehow in the reboot, perhaps in an homage to Super Sentai that might also act as a farewell.

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