Power Rangers: Original Red Ranger Is Game For A Reunion Movie

Some members of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cast seem more than up for doing a reunion movie, and thankfully you can count original Red Ranger Austin St. John down for it too.

St. John stopped by the ComicBook.com studio during San Diego Comic-Con and chatted about all things Power Rangers. That included the proposed reunion film, one that David Yost has actually already started writing. As long as the film has a great script, St. John is in.

"If it was written well, and knowing those two I'm sure it would be," St. John said. "I think AJ from the few interactions I've seen of many of my cast members while I was gone, I hear she's worked hard in the area of direction and I know Dave's got the experience in production so, I'm pretty sure they could put something together that would be pretty great."

So far it seems if the script is good and the backing is there most of the cast is down to come back, though we haven't heard from Walter Jones just yet. There are plenty of fans who hope this project dream can become a reality, but for now, guess we'll have to wait and see.

St. John actually just in the last few years really returned to the Power Rangers fandom, as he was serving in the military for several years after his time on Power Rangers came to an end. Since then he's rediscovered the joys of the fandom at various conventions like Comic-Con.

"At that time we had, I mean we knew the show was popular, but I thought it was popular for the same reason I like Superman ya know what I mean?," St. John said. "He's Superman, Superman is super cool, awesome. I like Batman, he's a super hero, super cool. What we didn't know, what I definitely didn't know until about 3 years ago when I got to come back and see you now, and that's something we've all figured out in the comic con circuit now that you're adults. Now we get to see you and even despite what you tell us we get to look in your eyes and hear your stories, and that's really where I began to understand the impact that we had on children all over the world that are now adults."

"Whether it was me or my castmates or all of them, it's really kind of irrelevant because it's not lost on any of us how much it means to you guys, and that, you know when I tell you guys that you helped me fall back in love with the show I'm not kidding. I don't think I enjoyed it this much when I was filming it, and it's pretty incredible to be a part of that," St. John said.


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