Power Rangers: Lord Zedd Star Struggling With Health Complications

Few Power Rangers characters are more iconic than Lord Zedd, but the man behind the character Robert Axelrod is still struggling with significant health issues and is need of some help. Last year Axelrod underwent a major back operation, but complications arose from the surgery, putting him out of work until he could get back on his feet. Unfortunately, the latest update on Axelrod shows things haven't improved as we all hoped, and he could use some help.

That's why Zachery Taylor McGinnis started a GoFundMe page on behalf of Axelrod so that the funds could help with medical bills while he was recovering. A recent update for the page features a photo of Axelrod's current condition (with his permission) and explains that the surgery was a full year ago but Axelrod is still immobile from the waist down. You can read an excerpt from the full post below.

"I'm saddened to report that Robert is still in the hospital and not doing much better," McGinnis wrote. "The accompanying photo is how we find him every time we go to visit. I specifically asked him if we could share this photo to show you the fans, exactly what kind of shape he is in. His surgery was a full year ago and he is still immobile from the waist down."

"Insurance only covers so much and after nearly a year without work and mounting medical debt he only has enough funds to cover the next two months or so worth of bills," McGinnis wrote.

Fans can help either by continuing to donate to the GoFundMe or by purchasing an autographed photo, which he's been signing when he has the strength. "Over the last year on each visit we have had him sign a limited number of photos," McGinnis wrote. "In total he has only had the energy to sign 147 pictures. Roberts cast-mate, Austin St. John the Original Red Ranger will be listing the autographed photos for sell on his website this week: www.AustinStJohn.biz All proceeds (minus taxes) from these signed photos will be donated to Robert Axelrod."

"Due to the limited quantity available the autographed photos are priced with a premium. Please keep in mind that the proceeds from these signed photos are going to help Robert. Any additional donations to this go fund me page will also go to assisting him with his bills. All donations are welcome, helpful and appreciated."

Our thoughts are with Axelrod and his family and friends, and we hope his condition turns for the better soon.



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