Super Sentai's Lupinranger Vs Patoranger Gets New Image And Release Date

The next season of Super Sentai is finally starting to come together, and now fans can mark their calendars for the big premiere.

Toei's next season of Super Sentai, which is entering season 42, is titled Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger and will be premiering on TV-Asahi on February 11, 2018 (via CinemaToday). The new series will feature a police vs thieves theme with the Lupinrangers coming into conflict with the law enforcement Patorangers, which is really a first for the Super Sentai series.

(Photo: CinemaToday)

Typically Super Sentai shows follow a very strict formula, one that doesn't put the Rangers themselves at odds with each other as part of the show's premise. Sure some of them will rub each other the wrong way during the show, but they aren't actively fighting each other. That won't be the case here, but there is a common enemy that they share.

That would be the Gangler Crime Syndicate, which is the real enemy that both want to take down. Still, at times the two will try and focus on gaining control over another item over taking down their foe, which is the Lupin Collection, a trove of treasures left behind by Arsene Lupin.

While this will be the stakes, this is a human story after all, so you can expect plenty of focus on the two polar opposite Red Rangers. LupinRed is a socialite disguised as a working everyman and will come into direct conflict with the law-abiding Patorenichigo.

The two teams will have intertwined stories for the first half of the season if previous rumors are to be believed, but then will converge into one large story arc by season's end. This will be presumably when they form one team against the Gangler Crime Syndicate, but that is conjecture at this point.

The good news is you don't have to wait long now to find out.


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