Power Rangers: Watch the Dragonzord Take On Mechagodzilla in Awesome New Death Battle Video

Fans love to see their favorite heroes in action, and occasionally they also like to see how their [...]

Fans love to see their favorite heroes in action, and occasionally they also like to see how their favorite fandom stacks up against another fandom. Two fandoms that continue to be popular are Godzilla and Power Rangers, and thanks to Death Battle we get to see how those franchises stack up against each other, specifically in a one on one fight between the Green Ranger's Dragonzord and the beast known as Mechagodzilla. If you expected fireworks from ths throwdown, there's plenty, and you can watch it all play out in the awesome video above.

First, the crew breaks down each combatants' unique abilities and skills, as well as their base strength and power. In addition to significant strength and force, the Dragonzord can also reach speeds capable of lifting him to the moon and contains impressive endurance and grit to power through just about any fight. It survived crashing through a mountain and has taken down many powerful foes, including the Megazord, Tigerzord, and plenty of Rita's monsters.

If that' snot enough it can also combine with the other Dinozords to shift into battle mode, which ups the Zords' power even more and allows the use of even more weapons.

Its opponent though is no slouch, as the Mechagodzilla was designed specifically to combat the one and only Godzilla, an immensely powerful Kaiju and considered King of the Monsters. The Mechagodzilla we're talking about is Kiryu, who boasts an absurd amount of power and weapons and was built around Godzilla's bones.

Those weapons include a Twin Maser Cannon, Railguns, a Maser Blade, Spiral Claw, Rocket Boosters, its Absolute Zero Cannon, and the ability to launch its Rocket Unit off its back towards an enemy. Those weapons give it a huge edge in battle, especially the Zero Cannon, which not only freezes its target but also disintegrates the target's energy.

As you can see in the Death Battle video, that does end up coming into play, and it turns out that the Dragonzord does eventually fall to Mechagodzilla, though it was a fierce and pretty awesome looking fight.

You can find more from Death Battle on their Youtube page, and feel free to hit me up on Twitter @MattAguilarCB for all things Power Rangers!