Power Rangers: What Does Moving To Hasbro Mean For The Movie Sequel?

It's a new day for the Power Rangers franchise, and while there are still lots of unknowns there [...]

It's a new day for the Power Rangers franchise, and while there are still lots of unknowns there is one question near the top of everyone's brains...what happens to the movie sequel?

It's a compelling question, and that topic hasn't strayed from fan's minds ever since the recent reboot did less than stellar numbers at the box office. Since then though there's been a passionate part of the fandom who want another go at it with the same cast in tow, and now that Hasbro is taking on the Power Rangers franchise that fervor has risen again.

But what does Hasbro purchasing the franchise actually mean when it comes to the movies? There are a few things to consider, and none of those have exactly clear answers at the moment. Even if a sequel is what Hasbro wants to proceed with, they would likely go through frequent film partner Paramount as opposed to anyone else, including Lionsgate (who at one point they tried to buy).

Paramount has adapted several of Hasbro's properties into live-action with varying degrees of success. For every Transformers there's a Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen if you get our drift).

Still, it is hard to argue with the results, and despite loathing of those films in certain circles they rake in the money, something the last Power Rangers film did the opposite of, so Hasbro would likely want to leverage that profitable relationship for its newest property.

It can easily do that too after this deal is officially closed. Hasbro has a rather clean slate after the purchase, so it could retain much of the cast and produce a sequel if it so chooses too without having to really jump through any hoops, something the community would love to see.

That said, Hasbro also might want to make a clean break from that vision and create something wholly its own, rebooting the franchise (film wise that is) once again. Building from the ground up might be the most likely scenario and would allow it to build buzz for a live-action Power Rangers once more with a new vision and new cast. It could also build the toy lines in unison with the production, allowing a seamless rollout that is unquestionable all Hasbro and not some weird Frankenstein monster of old and new.

The cast certainly seems to be up for a sequel if past conversations are anything to go by, but then again they've all found success since Power Rangers hit the big screen. By the time a sequel is actually greenlit they might have to recast anyway, and if that's the case it is more feasible to start from scratch.

A Power Rangers sequel could still happen, but if Hasbro wants to start fresh it would not surprise us either. Much of this is still in flux, but we'll keep you updated as we learn more.

So, do you still want a sequel? Or do you want a fresh start? Let us know in the comments!