Power Rangers' William Shewfelt and ATO Worldwide Debut New Single Cannonball (Exclusive)

Power Rangers Ninja Steel's William Shewfelt and hip hop artist ATO Worldwide debuted their first song Rising Son not too long ago, but now they've revealed a brand new track from their upcoming EP that might just blow that out of the water. ComicBook.com can exclusively reveal the duo's brand new track titled Cannonball, and we dare you to not get that chorus stuck in your head. You can check out both the clean and explicit versions below, which kicks off with the chorus and then segues into William and ATO trading verses, all to that addictive beat, which was produced by

The new single is the second release from their upcoming EP, and it's now available on iTunes and will soon be available on all digital platforms. You can check out the clean version of the track in the video above, and the cover art for the song was created by @christ_ave41. The track itself was produced by Jay Boose (@theofficialtrunkboy) and was engineered by @kogniak.

We recently had the chance to chat with ATO and Shewfelt about their project and how it all started, including what prompted ATO to combine some of his favorite pop culture loves with hip hop.

"I started with anime, fashion, and sneakers all that great stuff, and those are the things that made me happy. I used to incorporate all of those things that made me happy into my music, and the thing is, typically when a person makes a song about something that they love, it's always something ... and I hate this, and I don't mean any disrespect by it, but it always comes out like super corny," ATO said. "You don't take it seriously. When a person knows how to actually rap, and they write, and they love music, they know how it works and then on the flip side, pop culture, you know how pop culture works. We all love the stuff that the majority of people that grew up in our time are afraid to admit that they love it until another person that's cool says 'oh, hey', and then it is the it thing. Because now the forefront of films is all pop culture."

Shewfelt has been quite happy with the reaction to Rising Sun, and while we aren't sure if Cannonball was the song he was previously teasing, it definitely sounds like it could be.

(Photo: @christ_ave41)

"There's a hit that song is...man, It's too damn good," Shewfelt said. "So yeah, we've got another song that we finished. We're constantly refining it because the thing is, it's got some crazy potential. Honestly, I think when people hear this they're going to be like, okay Rising Sun and Shattered Past both were amazing, but this is something else. So we're pumped about it for sure, this one's going to be good."

You can check out William Shewfelt on Instagram right here, and ATO Worldwide can be found on Instagram right here.


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