You Can Finally Play Against Your Friends In Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid recently got a big update of content thanks to its Season One [...]

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid recently got a big update of content thanks to its Season One Pass, but nWay and Lionsgate also brought a few more completely free updates to the game. Some of them are just general quality of life improvements while others help crossplay between various consoles, but one, in particular, has been long-awaited amongst fans of the game since launch, and that's being able to play directly with friends online. Previously the game only allowed random matchmaking, but the free update adds Direct Match, enabling you to show off your fighting game skills against your friends.

The feature has been much requested by the community, so it's nice to finally see it make it into the game. It's a bummer that it took this long to get that into the game of course, but with the additional characters, it is the perfect chance for players to try it out. Those new characters include Jen Scotts and Zeo Gold, and Lord Zedd will be coming at a later time.

You can find all the new updates below.

The v1.3 update vastly improves the game's social play and matchmaking, including Direct Match, which lets friends or any two specific players match up against each other.

The game now also enables crossplay between Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, where players across the two gaming platforms can battle against each other in Ranked, Casual, or Direct Matches.

Crossplay helps players find matches faster against similarly skilled players and opens up a larger matchmaking pool, making the game more competitive.

Crossplay is enabled by nWayPlay, nWay's recently announced game development platform, which offers a player ID and social system, allowing friends to find each other across platforms.

nWayPlay also enables cross-progression between Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, so players can carry progress made on one platform to another.

You can find the official description for Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid below.

"Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid pits current and classic POWER RANGERS and villains from the multiverse's 25 year history against one another in epic 3v3 tag team battles. The controls promote simplicity and fluidity, enabling beginners to enjoy the combat system and encouraging advanced players to delve into its gameplay mechanics, which include real-time assist takeover, dynamic defense through push blocking and aerial guard, customizable juggle combos, and a unique Megazord comeback mode."

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid is available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.