'Star Trek: Discovery': Sonequa Martin-Green on Michael Burnham's Relationship With Spock

The Spock family gained a surprising new addition with the introduction of Michael Burnham in Star Trek: Discovery, but Sonequa Martin-Green seems happy to have joined them.

Star Trek: Discovery has already established that the relationship between Sarek and Michael Burnham, a human orphaned by a Klingon attack on a Vulcan learning outpost, is even deeper than first expected due to the mind meld that took place between them, leaving a piece of Sarek’s katra within Burnham. The series has also established the loving relationship that Burnham had with Sarek’s human wife, Amanda Grayson, through the Lewis Caroll book that Burnham still keeps with her.

Many fans are still wondering what Burnham’s relationship is with the family’s most famous member, the iconic Star Trek: The Original Series character Mr. Spock. Martin-Green says that they are two members of the same family.

“In the story, I was raised by Sarek and Amanda, Spock’s parents,” Martin-Green pointed out when ComicBook.com spoke to her at New York Comic Con. “I was raised in that household. So Sarek and Amanda are my surrogate parents, and Spock is my surrogate brother.

“So yeah, there’s a lot going on there," she said. "They’ve woven me really delicately, and beautifully, and thoughtfully, and courageously into that famous, famous family, which I love.”

Sarek has already appeared on Star Trek: Discovery, played by James Frain, and the series has cast Mia Kirshner as Amanda Grayson, indicating she will appear at some point as well.

While the chances of Spock showing up on Star Trek: Discovery are slim, his shadow will continue to loom large over Burnham’s journey. Some fans have wondered why Spock never mentioned having a surrogate human sister, but considering Burnham’s reputation now as the first Starfleet mutineer and how she has been treated by her peers since the Battle at the Binary Stars, it may make sense that Spock wasn’t eager to bring his relationship to Burnham up in casual conversation.

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