How 'Star Trek: Discovery' Can Use Spock

The Star Trek mythos further develops with tonight's premiere of Star Trek: Discovery. And according to one of its stars, Sonequa Martin-Green, there could be a way to bring one of the franchise's most iconic characters into the fold.

In an interview with IGN, Martin-Green confirmed that there are flashbacks involving her character, Michael Burnham, and her childhood on Vulcan. When Burnham's parents were killed by Klingons when she was a child, she was taken in by Sarek, the father of Star Trek: The Original Series' Spock. Seeing as Burnham grew up alongside her adoptive brother, Martin-Green addressed whether or not a young version of Spock could be seen on the show.

"There's certainly room for that," Martin-Green revealed.

Burnham's relationship to her adoptive sibling has already been on many fans' minds, largely because her existence was never hinted at in previous Trek material. According to Martin-Green, that's something that the show will tackle in a very interesting way.

"I can be brutally honest and say I think it is quite genius the way that they have weaved me into that story. Martin-Green added. "And it is something that seems very normal when you see it. It makes so much sense. It’s not what you’d expect, but it does make sense."

Tonight’s Star Trek: Discovery premiere event is two hours with two episodes. The first episode, “The Vulcan Hello,” will air on CBS. “The Vulcan Hello” and the second episode, “Battle of the Binary Star,” will both be available to stream on CBS All Access, which will be the home of Star Trek: Discovery going forward.

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