Star Trek Memes Comparing Mark Zuckerberg to Data Go Viral

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg testified before both the Senate and the House of Representatives this week to cover concerns about the privacy of users’ data.

The internet had some fun at Zuckerberg’s expense with countless memes poking fun at the billionaire, but Star Trek fans, in particular, found a certain similarity between Zuckerberg and a fan favorite Star Trek character.

Star Trek fans seem to think that Zuckerberg’s appearance, demeanor, and mannerisms resemble those of Data, the android bridge officer aboard the USS Enterprise-D in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Here’s one meme that transforms the Facebook CEO into Data, renaming him “Mr. Data Accumulator.”

Lt. Commander Zuck in court after his plan to study humans in greater detail backfires from r/pics

The image was created by Reddit user EvanOfTheYukon and was uploaded with the title “Lt. Commander Zuck in court after his plan to study humans in greater detail backfires.” More jests can be found in the Reddit comments, with one fan referring to Zuckerberg as “Mark Zuckerborg” in reference to the robotic race of aliens known as the Borg who served as antagonists in several classic Star Trek stories.

Redditors weren’t the only ones to notice Zuckerberg’s resemblance to Mr. Data. Writer Matthew Teague posted a side-by-side of Zuckerberg and Data to Twitter.

“Mark Zuckerberg’s manner has always reminded me of someone, but I could never quite grasp hold of it,” Teague Tweeted. “Just now it hit me, watching him testify about data.”


For those of you who aren’t entirely familiar with Star Trek: The Next Generation, Mr. Data is an android created by Dr. Soong. As an android, Mr. Data is possible of great feats that humans cannot achieve, but he lacks emotion, making it hard for him to fit into society. Data’s story arc over the entirety of Star Trek: The Next Generation involves his attempts to become more human.

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