SDCC 2019 Panel Recap: The Orville

The Orvilla may have started out as a simple comedy riffing off the world of Star Trek, but creator Seth McFarlane has turned the title into a beloved homage of one of the world's greatest sci-fi franchises. San Diego Comic-Con 2019 is celebrating The Orville with a panel of its own, and is here to break down all the info you need to know about the series:


The panel begins with writer and moderator David Goodman welcoming the panel of special guests. Several producers enter the room along with stars like Chad Coleman, Scott Grimes, Peter Macon, Adrienne Palicki, and Seth MacFarlane come to stage.

To start, MacFarlane tells the crowd that Orville season three will be headed to Hulu.

As the panel continues, Jon Cassar said he knew of last season's big space battle for a long time. They worked really hard to make it that quality, and Cassar brought as many people into a room to storyboard it. It was an unbelievable group effort to make move.

Speaking about acting with herself, Palicki talked about the episode where she needed to act against herself when her mirror appeared in season two. The actress thanked her team for making sure she kept continuous between the versions, but she also had to memorize an entire script. Palicki had to find all of the differences between the two characters in nuance.

Penny Johnson Jerald goes on to address her character's robot affair last season. She said she was very nervous before she shot certain scenes, and he made it very pleasurable. The most fulfilling Penny said her character has ever experienced was having kids, so she owes them so much. And now the actress is curious about who fathered those children...

Speaking about coming into season two new, Jessica Szohr said it has been such a blessing and awesome time to spend life on the bridge. Coleman says this is also the actress' first Comic-Con, and she is so excited to be her.

Talking about Klyden's relationship with Bortus, Peter Macon said they are like any other couple. It just makes work all the more stressful knowing his family is on board. As for Coleman, the actor says it is tough being part of America's new favorite couple.

The first fan asks if The Orville will continue diving into more social topics. MacFarlane says that will absolutely happen as more relevant material continues to be explored.

The second fans asks MacFarlane if there are any big name talents The Orville will want to bring to the show. He says yes, that is always on the agenda. It is always a fun thing, and it is a fun show. They love coming to play on a spaceship, so you will see a fair amount in season three.

The third fan asks if Claire will be able to forgive Isaac after his betrayal, but MacFarlane plays coy. He says he is confident this season will be the most surprising yet.

The next fan asks about upcoming references to Earth and whether Star Wars existed in the universe, and MacFarlane says yes.

Another fan comes up to ask about Alara, and MacFarlane says the door is open for that character to make an appearance whenever. He is not sure if that will happen in season three, but he thinks a cameo here and there is fun for the audience. As for Tala returning home, MacFarlane says he is not sure where the character is going yet.

According to MacFarlane, he would rather have Mercer debate Picard than fight Kirk.

Another fan asks what Mark is doing while season three is on hiatus, he says he is chronically unemployed and eager to work again. As for J Lee, he wrote and directed a film during his downtime off season three.

When MacFarlane is asked about the hardest episode he has ever written, he said it was "Identity Part 2" as it was so big. It was such a challenge because it scared the hell out of him.

Another fan asks about Bortus' porn addiction, and the crowd laughs. Everyone asks how the simulation room works with that in tandem, and things get weird when conversation is had about how the room is cleaned.

When asked about potential new alien powers, MacFarlane says that is always a possibility. It is hard to say, but they start with what is a strange and bizarre custom that is different to a race. Not so much a power after all. It has to do more with that race's evolution, and that will sometimes lead you to a special power.

MacFarlane is asked about spin-offs, and he hopes the series goes long enough to get a film or two. They try to deliver a movie each week, but a full length feature would be exciting to spin out. He also says he hopes to explore more of the cosmos and make the franchise more educational to younger audiences.

MacFarlane says he is often asked if The Orville will do a musical episode, but he does not know how it would work. There would have to be a reason for it.

When asked if Kylden and Bortus are ever going to get divorced, Macon said no. They got to keep it together and stick it in to the crowd's delight.



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