Star Trek Internship Program Announced By CBS

CBS TV Studios and the Television Academy Foundation have formed a partnership to let students get [...]

CBS TV Studios and the Television Academy Foundation have formed a partnership to let students get practical experience around the Star Trek universe. The Star Trek Command Training Program is an internship open to both undergraduate and college students all across the nation in 2020. Two interns per semester will get a chance to work on a Star Trek series and get an in-depth look at the production process for the series. This "360-degree immersion" is critical to understanding how all the different cogs in the franchise function. Certain interns will get to actively engage in writers' rooms, wardrobe design, on-set production, animation, and post-production in Los Angeles. The program is crafted to reflect "the franchise's core values of inclusion and diversity." Applications for the program, will open today all the way until Jan. 21, 2020. The final selections will be announced at the end of March.

"When Gene Roddenberry created the original 'Star Trek' series over 50 years ago, it challenged stereotypes and championed diversity and inclusion in an unprecedented way," began Alex Kurtzman, the executive producer of the Star Trek universe. "The Command Training Program is our commitment to expanding that inspirational vision across the entire 'Star Trek' canon. The 'Star Trek' universe is an ideal place to celebrate new voices and perspectives. We want to provide the framework to begin entertainment careers in a meaningful way and can't wait to get started."

"This partnership is an extraordinary opportunity to provide students with remarkable on-the-job training and experience in a creative environment that embodies intersectionality onscreen and behind the camera," TV Academy Foundation chair Madeline Di Nonno also commented.

Some small changes are coming for the series' offerings on Netflix as Star Trek: The Animated Series leaves the platform before the end of this year. The page on the app has an announcement that the program will be "Available Until 12/01/2019." For the first time in years, the Star Trek television franchise won't be available as a complete package on Netflix. Even though The Animated Series is going away, Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise will remain on the platform.

It remains that way for now, but CBS has CBS All Access and the Star Trek franchise is a huge part of the offerings on the streaming service. The company hasn't revealed any specific plans regarding the streaming rights now, but that could change. All six seasons of the series from 1966-2005 are available on All Access. Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Short Treks. Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Lower Decks will join CBS' streaming service in 2020.

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