'Star Trek: Discovery' Season 2 Featurette Reveals Enterprise Details

CBS has released a new promo for Star Trek: Discovery. If you’re attentive, you may notice some [...]

CBS has released a new promo for Star Trek: Discovery. If you're attentive, you may notice some details about the USS Enterprise hidden in the background.

The teaser is mostly focused on star Sonequa Martin-Green discussing what it's like returning to the show for the second season. Some of the footage in the featurette is taken on the Discovery's bridge and the Facebook version of the featurette includes information about the Enterprise visible on a display.

It takes some work to make the information legible, but one of the most notable things about the display is that it confirms Robert April was the first captain of the Enterprise. This was first established in the Star Trek: The Animated Series episode "The Counter-Clock Incident," but since The Animated Series was, for a time, considered non-canonical it has been unclear whether April's role was still considered canon. Star Trek: Discovery confirmed that April existed in canon last season by including him on the list of most-highly decorated Starfleet captains, but now we also know that his position as captain of the Enterprise is also canon.

Star Trek Discovery Enterprise

The featurette also reveals specs like the size of the ship, which seems mostly in line with the original Enterprise design. That may be a bit off though as the Enterprise design was scaled up a bit for Discovery. The on-screen graphics also show that the Enterprise has straight nacelles instead of the angled nacelles of the new design. This may simply be temporary graphics that will be changed before the footage airs.

Lastly, Michael Burnham actually says that Enterprise has a complement of 203 crew onboard, which matches the complement as established by "The Cage."

Co-creator and showrunner Alex Kurtzman has previously explained the Enterprise's role in Discovery Season Two.

"The show is called Discovery. It's not Enterprise," Kurtzman said. "So yes, the Enterprise will play a part of Season Two but it will absolutely not overshadow Discovery. And I think with Enterprise's arrival in the finale we recognize that the audience has a lot of questions about our synchronicity with the original series, which really means or synchronicity with canon. So the promise of the Enterprise holds the answers to a lot of those questions, including Spock's relationship with his half-sister who he's never mentioned. Which does not necessarily mean you're going to see Spock, just that we owe an answer to that question."

The first season of Star Trek: Discovery is available to stream in its entirety on CBS All Access in the U.S., through CraveTV in Canada and through Netflix in other international markets.

Star Trek: Discovery Season Two is now filming in Toronto and will premiere on CBS All Access on January 17, 2019.