Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Soundtrack Releasing in July

Lakeshore Records has announced that it will release Jeff Russo’s soundtrack to the second season of Star Trek: Discovery on July 19th. Slashfilm has the report and a sneak preview of a track from the release, “Time Traveler.” Take a listen above.

Russo also scored the first season fo Star Trek: Discovery. That soundtrack was released in two volumes. It also received a vinyl release with both volumes collected into one. There’s also some music from Star Trek: Short Treks. These include the previously unreleased track “Many Mudds” from Rainn Wilson's Star Trek: Short Treks episode “The Escape Artist.”

Season Two’s soundtrack will have a singular release with 39 songs. Here’s the full track listing:

01. The Final Frontier

02. Christopher Pike

03. Lost Communication

04. What’s Wrong

05. All Of Them

06. I’m Coming Back

07. Flashback

08. Stuck

09. The Cathedral

10. He’ll Never Know Me

11. The Sphere

12. Quarantined

13. Shields

14. Questions

15. Prey

16. The Hull

17. Airlock

18. Airiam in Space

19. Fiercely Loyal

20. Song of Remembrance

21. On Site

22. Two Minutes

23. Big Picture

24. Gone

25. What Do They Call You

26. Pillar of the Past

27. Failure

28. Essential Personnel

29. Goodbyes

30. Pike On The Bridge

31. Ready

32. Time Traveler

33. Change

34. Goodbye, Pike

35. Spock’s Personal Log

36. Star Trek Discovery End Credits (Season 2 Finale Version)

From The Escape Artist:

37. Many Mudds (previously unreleased)

38. Star Trek Short Treks End Credits (Lounge Version)

39. Star Trek Short Treks Main Title (Disco Version)

“Star Trek: Discovery continues to be a source of incredible musical inspiration for me,” Russo said. “This season’s swashbuckling has allowed the music to shine and grow in ways that I didn’t expect.”


Russo has spoken before about his approach to scoring Star Trek. “One of the things I don’t like to do is that I don’t like to necessarily score the action,” Russo said. “I like to score what a character is feeling more than what a character is doing. In order to do that with this show, it was really trying to focus on the character work and the interpersonal relationships between these characters. That was kind of new for Star Trek in focusing on that. And we talked a lot about that at the beginning of the show and how doing that might set it apart slightly from what had been done before.”

Are you excited to listen to the Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Soundtrack? Let us know in the comments. Star Trek: Discovery is set to return for its third season on CBS All Access. Filming begins later this month.