Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Reveals Jean-Luc's New Love Interest

Star Trek: Picard is back with the first episode of its new season on Paramount+. The episode is an exciting, Easter egg-filled start to Jean-Luc Picard's next adventure. Yet, in addition to traveling through space and time, Star Trek: Picard's second season may also be an adventure of the heart. Before the season premiere, Patrick Stewart hinted to that romance might be in Jean-Luc's immediate future. Star Trek: Picard didn't waste any time in setting up this subplot, as the season premiere reveals Picard's new romantic interest. SPOILERS for Star Trek: Picard's Season Two premiere episode, "The Star Gazer," follow.

Star Trek: Picard Season Two opens with Picard enjoying his new lease on life after the first season's adventures. It shows him happily tending to the harvest on Château Picard, joined by the Romulan who works with him, Laris. A conversation after the harvest confirms that the two of them are developing romantic feelings for each other, though something is holding Picard back from taking the next step. His later conversation with Guinan hints that something has to do with whatever sent him to space in the first place and possibly involves his mother.

Fans may remember that Laris was married in the show's first season. The second season premiere reveals that her husband, Zhaban, died a year and a half ago, during the period between the two seasons. But that isn't an issue for her, though, as she explains that Romulans waste no time finding new love when an old one ends.

The comic book series Star Trek: Picard -- Countdown revealed how Zhaban and Laris came to Earth to live with Picard. The two of them were Tal Shiar agents who fell in love and defected to aid Picard when Romulan authorities caused problems for Picard's evacuation mission in Romulan space. Knowing that their treason would get them killed if they returned to Romulan society, Picard gave them a home on Earth with him.

While the introduction of Laris as a new love interest is an exciting development, fans likely still have some questions lingering from Star Trek: The Next Generation (which is leaving Netflix soon), mainly, what happened to Dr. Beverly Crusher, whom Picard married in the post-Star Trek: Nemesis literary universe. Fans can only wait and hope for an answer. 


The second season of Star Trek: Picard will debut a new episode weekly on Thursdays on Paramount+. The entire first and season two premiere, "The Star Gazer," are now streaming on Paramount+. Star Trek: Picard's third season has nearly completed filming.