'Star Trek Timelines' to Expand With $29 Million Investment

The Star Trek Timelines mobile game is about to get even bigger thanks to Tilting Point's partnership with the game's developer, Disruptor Beam.

Disruptor Beam announced earlier this week that it will expand its partnership with Tilting Point to further grow and promote Star Trek Timelines. The partnership will also lead to the co-development of another IP-based character-collection RPG.

The deal's initial value stands at $29 million. The new deal is built on the success of a similar agreement between the two companies that was signed last year, in which Tilting Point funded user acquisition campaigns the Disruptor Beam game.

The new deal states that Tilting Point will handle the marketing, sales, and distribution of Star Trek Timelines and that Tilting Point will co-fund the development of a new licensed CCRPG built on the same game engine used in other Disruptor Beam titles, including Star Trek Timelines and Game of Thrones: Ascent. Tilting Point will publish the new game, with Disruptor Beam developing and handling continued game support and new content.

Star Trek Timelines has been downloaded nearly 6 million times since its release in early 2016. The game has landed a spot on the Top 50 Grossing games list, earning over $72 million to date.

"Time and again, Disruptor Beam has proven they can transform cherished entertainment properties into truly top-notch character collection RPGs," said Kevin Segalla, CEO, Tilting Point in a press release. "We are excited to deepen our relationship by bringing the full weight of our publishing and marketing expertise to grow an existing title, and of course we are thrilled to take the next step – developing a brand-new game together."

"Our expanded partnership with Tilting Point will drive significant growth for Disruptor Beam for years to come," Jon Radoff, CEO and co-founder of Disruptor Beam, said. "First, it provides the growth capital necessary to reach the global Star Trek audience. Second, we're excited to begin co-developing an additional licensed game that builds on our expertise in the character-collecting genre, continuing our mission of bringing fans deeper into the worlds that they love."

Star Trek Timelines invites players to "Join Starfleet and save the Alpha Quadrant from temporal anomalies which bring together heroes and villains from all of Star Trek history." Star Trek Timelines was the first mobile game to introduce ships and characters from the latest Star Trek television series, Star Trek: Discovery.

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