'Star Trek: Year Five' To Detail Final Year Of Enterprise's Original Mission

Star Trek remains one of entertainment’s most iconic sci-fi pursuits, and the franchise has yet [...]

Star Trek remains one of entertainment's most iconic sci-fi pursuits, and the franchise has yet to die out. With an on-going series airing on CBS All Access, Gene Roddenberry's vision is as vibrant as ever, and a new project aims to round out his very first mission from so many decades ago.

Today, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed IDW Publishing is launching a brand-new Star Trek comic. The series will be a major one for fans to read as Star Trek: Year Five will bring the USS Enterprise's original mission to an end.

According to the piece, the new series will follow the Enterprise's crew as they carry out their promise to boldly go where none other have before. It will also cover the crew's time after they return to Earth after the flagship makes its way back home, documenting each officer's adjustment home and their thoughts on the future.

Star Trek: Year Five will be written by various talents on a rotating schedule. Collin Kelly and and Jackson Lanzing will have their teams back them in creating the series' opening arc. Other writers like Brandon East, Jim McCann, and Jody Houser will also pen pieces of the comic.

Describing the series, Lanzing called the run "a vital, hard-hitting, character-focused look at Captain Kirk on his last year in command." The writer also stressed the infamous captain will make decisions that "will have huge ripple effects, from the outbreak of war in the Alpha Quadrant to an unprecedented strain of trust with Spock. We'll turn a mirror on modern society, just as [the original television series] did in the 1960s, and go boldly towards meaningful, heartfelt stories."

"With Year Five, we don't just want to thrill," Kelly added, "We want to channel the power of [franchise creator Gene] Roddenberry's original vision, to tell a story about the future that illuminates our present."

Of course, this is not the first time Star Trek has tapped into the piece of Enterprise history. The original Star Trek series covered the ship's first three years in space, but the last two are widely understood to be depicted in the animated Star Trek series. This upcoming comic run will be the first expansive attempt to conclude the Enterprise's original mission, so fans can look forward to picking up the first issue of Star Trek: Year Five this April.

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