'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Reportedly Landing on Digital HD March 14 and on Blu-ray March 27

Almost three months after its release, The Last Jedi is still holding strong in theaters, as fans can't get enough of the latest chapter in the Star Wars saga. For those fans who were looking forward to enjoying the film in your home, new details have emerged that may have confirmed its Digital HD release as March 14 and its physical media release on March 27.

Disney and Lucasfilm have yet to officially confirm the film's home video release, but in New Zealand's iTunes store, fans have noticed that it is listed as being available on March 14. Surely this date could fluctuate in either direction, depending on which country you live in, but this information seems to fall in line with The Force Awakens' April 1 Digital HD release and Rogue One's March 24 release.

Over at Star Wars News Net, the outlet went one step further by messaging a customer service representative at Target to inquire about shipping information about a pre-ordered Blu-ray, with the representative claiming the release date would be March 27.

Images from various retailers have offered hints of what to expect on the upcoming Blu-ray, yet none of these images have specified the date of these releases. These images have boasted that the disc will feature more than two hours of bonus content, ranging from deleted and extended scenes to exclusive featurettes.

One thing audiences shouldn't expect is an extended edition of the film, with writer/director Rian Johnson recently confirming that the theatrical cut of the film is the best version of the story.

"The final cut of the movie is the best cut of the movie that we could come up with," Johnson shared during a recent Q&A. "Everything that was taken out, even the stuff that I love so much, was taken out for a reason at the end of the day. For me personally, I’ve enjoyed extended cuts of other stuff, but I don’t think I would ever do one."

Stay tuned for details on the official announcement of The Last Jedi's home video release.

[H/T StarWarsNewsNet]

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