'Solo: A Star Wars Story': Criminal Life TV Spot Released

A brand new TV spot for the upcoming Star Wars spinoff shows the high stakes and dangerous players involved in the franchise's first heist film.

The new "Criminal Life" promo shows new glimpses of Solo: A Star Wars Story, featuring new footage of Han and Lando, the Millennium Falcon, Han's home world of Corellia, and more. Check it out in the video player above.

There have been a lot of questions about the upcoming Star Wars movie, partly due to the tumultuous production schedule the film has seen. But with a month before the movie premieres in theaters, fans are starting to learn more about the film.

It was previously positioned as a "Han Solo origin story," but that descriptor has since been discarded for something much more intriguing: a Star Wars heist movie.

In the style of Ocean's Eleven or Inside Man, the movie will see Han Solo join a crew including his pals Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian, as well as newcomers like Val, Tobias Beckett, and Qi'Ra.

Director Ron Howard recently spoke with EW about the film and how it pertains to the young Solo's overall journey in the Star Wars galaxy.

"It really is a rite of passage," Howard said. "The story sends him on an unexpected journey that hurtles him into a dangerous world surrounded by charismatic but lawless characters. And that’s where he needs to try to make his way and gain his freedom. So, so much of this is about trying to satisfy that yearning to really be free, to really call his own shots in a very lawless part of the galaxy and at a time when it was wide-open."

The film was written by Jon Kasdan and his father, the legendary Lawrence Kasdan. Lawrence is credited with providing the definitive voice for Han Solo, writing the character in Star Wars films such as The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and The Force Awakens.

Jon recognized the importance of the film and where it sits in the mythos of the franchise, but would not call it an origin story.


"What we had was a character that we loved who is enormous fun," Jon said on The Star Wars Show. "It wasn't like we ever approached it like, okay we’re going to fill in the backstory or the origin story of Han Solo. We had Han Solo and we were going to make a great crime movie around him. What we started with in A New Hope was a very cynical guy and it allowed for a character arc that naturally lent itself to this movie. Which is, how do you become a cynical guy?"

Solo: A Star Wars Story premieres in theaters on May 25th.