Star Wars: Dave Filoni Shares Awesome Clone Wars and Rebels Mash-Up Sketch

It's a hard time in the world right now, no doubt, and a lot of people could use some kind of entertainment and/or uplifting. Well, Star Wars animation guru Dave Filoni is here to help! While much of the nation and world are bracing for the effects of the coronavirus, Filoni wanted to remind the deeply divided Star Wars fandom that now, of all times, is one in which we should all come together. And in that spirit he offers fans this sketch of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels animated series, brought together in one epic crossover!

"We are all in this together, may the Force be with you! Your friends at Lucasfilm and the Galaxy far, far, away...." --Dave Filoni

The Clone Wars and Rebels have been gaining more and more popularity as the new Star Wars universe expands its scope. With the nine-part Skywalker Saga now complete, both animated series provide much-needed fill-in material that enriches both the Prequel and Original Trilogy stories - not to mention the short-lived Star Wars standalone films. Disney+ is currently streaming the final season of The Clone Wars on a weekly basis, and it will bring more gravitas to the events of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith than we've ever experienced before.

Rebels is quickly becoming just as important. That series (set years before the events of Rogue One or A New Hope) continued the stories of key franchise characters like Darth Maul and Ahsoka Tano, following their Clone Wars arcs. Rebels also ended with setup for two major characters to eventually continue their story: young padwan Ezra Bridger and Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn, who were sucked away into another dimension.


Rebels It also deepened the mythology of Mandalore, which has now a name of much more interest to fans, thanks to The Mandalorian - which actually ended season 1 with the reveal of Rebels Dark Saber sword making its return. So again, while some Star Wars fans have tried to enforce the idea that only the movie stories count, Disney and Lucasfilm (not to mention Dave Filoni and his creative team) are actually succeeding in getting fans woven into the cross-platform universe. That's going to be key as Star Wars tries to launch its next big saga, "The High Republic," in just comic book and novelization form, later this year.

As Filoni says: May the Force be with you and yours during this time.

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