Adam Driver and Mark Hamill's Quest to Find Missing Dog Succeeds

Many would think the biggest Adam Driver news of the Fall would be something related to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. But, in reality, the star's biggest move of early October has been reuniting a dog and its owner. Leos Carax is directing his long-awaited feature Annette and Driver is starring in the film. While they were on location in Brussels, Carax's dog Javelot ran off after being frightened by the traffic in the area.

Driver enlisted the help of fellow Star Wars actor Mark Hamill to spread the word and bring Javelot home. It makes sense because Hamill has such a strong social media presence with over 3 million followers on Twitter alone. He recorded an earnest video message about the situation and how people could contact the crew so that the little pooch could be returned safely. Apparently, those pleas were answered because Javelot is back in the fold after the message written below made its way onto Hamill's Twitter account.

The star said, "We were shooting a scene in a club, as you do, and we were outside, and he god spooked by some of the traffic and ran off, so he's been missing for 24 hours. The last place he was seen was in this park where we all are. There's a crew of people behind us, looking for Javelot."

A producer on the film approached IndieWire to inform them that the dog had been found and returned. Now that Javelot is back safe and sound, the question becomes will the amateur detective who tracked down the doggo get the rewards that the crew were advertising? They offered being included in the film, free chocolate, and even a free christening for a possible child. That is a whole lot of benefits on the table.


That is a definite win for Driver as he got to do his part to reunite his director with one of his best friends. As people watching from all over the world heard about the story, they were hoping for a happy conclusion. Now, they have the peaceful ending such a wonderful dog deserved. The crew can get back to filming Annette and hopefully somebody can keep an eye on little Javelot to make sure he doesn't stray too far.