Baby Yoda Merch Could Arrive As Early as This Friday

Given the franchise's propensity for merchandising every possible thing, that there are no Baby [...]

Given the franchise's propensity for merchandising every possible thing, that there are no Baby Yoda toys in stores to coincide with the arrival of The Mandalorian has been puzzling to fans. Earlier this week the creative team behind the hit new Disney+ series revealed why there is currently no "Baby Yoda" merchandise available, but that may all be tomorrow. A new report from CNBC has revealed that apparel and accessories of the new fan-favorite character is already en route to retailers including Amazon, Zazzle, Target, Kohl's, Macy's, Hot Topic and Box Lunch, with their sources revealing that the new merchandise could arrive as early as Friday.

It's unclear just what new merchandise featuring the character will be made available, but the timing couldn't be better for Lucasfilm and The Walt Disney Company. In one week's time, the retailers mentioned above will either their physical locations early or have timed sales to coincide with Black Friday, though it's unlikely new "Baby Yoda" merch will be on sale at a discounter rate, it will no doubt be a cornerstone of the available items to tempt Star Wars fans while they shop. Coupled with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and any Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker apparel and merchandise that's available, fans will have a lot to choose from while doing their holiday shopping.

Clothing and other accessories are the only types of merch said to be available in the outlet's report, and it may still be a long time before official toys, plushies, or Baby Yoda replicas could see the light of day. Speaking with ET about the lack of merch for the new character, series creator Jon Favreau revealed the understandable reason why there aren't any "My Baby Yodas" available.

"I have to thank Disney and Lucasfilm, because the way the cat usually gets out of the bag with that stuff is merchandising and toy catalogs and things like that," Favreau explained. "So they really backed us up. We really wanted to have it be that you had to watch it yourself, so that every time you watch the show, there are new twists and secrets that come out. That requires a lot of restraint from the people who are footing the bill, saying they're gonna hold back on certain things so that the public doesn't know ahead of time. Part of that was holding back on some of the merchandise and holding back on some of the characters."

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