D23 Expo Reveals Up Close Look at The Mandalorian Costume

Disney is offering lucky fans a sneak peek at their future plans this weekend at the D23 Expo, [...]

Disney is offering lucky fans a sneak peek at their future plans this weekend at the D23 Expo, including a few glimpses at the future of the Star Wars franchise on their new streaming service. Now they're offering up-close looks at the costumes from The Mandalorian, including a detailed model of the title character played by Pedro Pascal.

ComicBook's own Brandon Davis is on hand at Disney's D23 Expo where he took photos from the show floor, revealing a brand new look at the galaxy's newest bounty hunter. Take a look at the costumes from Star Wars: The Mandalorian below!

star wars the mandalorian d23 expo 1
(Photo: Brandon Davis)
star wars the mandalorian d23 expo 2
(Photo: Brandon Davis)
star wars the mandalorian d23 expo 3
(Photo: Brandon Davis)

Anticipation for the new series continues to mount, and it will debut as the first live-action show set in the Star Wars franchise. It's currently set to premiere alongside the launch of Disney+ with new episodes likely to be added to the streaming service weekly.

Pascal's character looks similar to Boba Fett but he'll be a different take on the iconic Mandalorian warriors, set in the Outer Rim after the fall of the Empire in Return of the Jedi.

Because of this location and this setting, the aesthetic of the series will likely stick closer to the original film made by George Lucas over 40 years ago. Series executive producer Jon Favreau explained that they're trying to match that tone with The Mandalorian.

"Since I wrote most of [The Mandalorian], I wrote it to fit within our volume, and in trying to keep the scale of it like the first Star Wars film, which was a relatively low-budget affair, even though the effects were spectacular," Favreau shared with James Cameron in a conversation for the Directors Guild of America.

Favreau will be getting an assist from Thor: Ragnarok filmmaker Taika Waititi, who is lending a voice to a droid character as well as shooting one of the episodes. The director revealed his approach to the project, saying that he's sticking close to the tone the Star Wars franchise is known for.

"Star Wars is very different to Marvel style," Waititi explained at the TCAs earlier this year. "They know that the tone of the first films really should be kind of adhered to. That's what the fans like and you can't really disrespect it, I guess is a nicer way of saying, 'Can't put too many jokes in.' There's a bit, definitely, my tone is in there, the dialogue and stuff like that."

The Mandalorian premieres on Disney+ on November 12th.