Disney's New Baby Yoda Plush Will Be the First to Arrive


In an uncharacteristic move, Disney and Lucasfilm decided to prioritize the reveal of the Baby Yoda (aka The Child) character on their Disney+ series The Mandalorian over cashing in on merch during the holiday shopping season. Indeed, fans didn't find any Baby Yoda plush or Funko Pops under their Christmas tree this year because the toys that have been announced from Hasbro, Mattel, and Funko won't arrive until April or May. However, Disney has chimed in with a new plush that should be the first out of the gate.

Disney's new 11-inch Baby Yoda plush features a fuzzy look that's in contrast to the realistic plush that have been revealed thus far. It is also "expected to be available by March 9th, 2020", which would be nearly a month before the release of the Mattel plush on April 1st, and over two months before the Hasbro plush on May 18th.

If you prefer the more cartoonish style of Disney's plush, you can pre-order one right here for $24.99. That's the same price point as the Hasbro and Mattel versions, so it really comes down to which version you prefer and how long you're willing to wait to get it. Note that Hasbro's version distinguishes itself with 10 squeezable electronic sounds along with soup cup and frog accessories.

Disney's plush and Mattel's plush are more comparable, though the latter is more elaborate with a realistic vinyl head / hands and a soft body that's filled with beans so you can prop it up for display.

Keep in mind that the plush toys have been selling out in pre-order (especially on Amazon), so it would be a good idea to reserve one sooner rather than later. We don't expect much of a problem with the Baby Yoda Funko Pops, but if you want to be on the safe side, go after the 10-inch Pop first. As far as the Hasbro figures are concerned, we suggest grabbing The Black Series Baby Yoda figure as it is likely to be the most popular item. The Funko Pops and the Hasbro figures are slated to arrive in May.


If you haven't signed up for Disney+ yet and want to jump on the Baby Yoda bandwagon, you can try it out here.

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