Mount A Life-Size Tauntaun Head On Your Wall Just Like Jabba

Did you ever notice the tauntaun head mounted on the wall in Jabba's palace while watching Return of the Jedi? It's there, and you can own one just like it if you have the funds. You might want to find a bounty hunter that can work cheap.

(Photo: Imagemotor)

This amazingly realistic tauntaun head replica is the work of Imagemotor Prop Shop, where it is included among other impressive wall pieces that range from a Jaws to a T-Rex in their Etsy store. The tauntaun head is life-sized at 34″ tall by 19″ wide by 19″ deep, but weighs only 30 pounds thanks to a hard, high density foam construction.

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Now for the bad news. All of that craftsmanship is going to set you back a whopping $2000. I'm sure I lost many of you there, but if you are a Star Wars fans with deep pockets and a home theater to decorate then you might be interested to know that there are still a few units of the limited edition life-size Han Solo in carbonite figure up for grabs. You can display that next to the tauntaun head to complete your Jabba's palace replica. Check out the gallery below for additional images.

[via Technabob]




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